Plant Details
With its plant located at Narol, Ahmedabad, Roopdhara Industries is a preferred name for all solvent distillation requirements.

R & D Department
We believe in best practices and conducting rigorous R&D. We have established strong quality norms for all our products.

Product List
Our products are synonymous with quality. Our reputation is based on our uncompromising attitude when it comes to delivering only the best.

We never compromise on safety. Our safety standards are at par with all national as well as international requirements in our industry vertical.


Plant Safety

Plant safety is at top priority for us and hence we have following provisions:

  • All our electric fittings are flame proof.
  • A centralized electronic panel controls all equipments from single place.
  • Whole plant has been provided with proper earthing, proper chemical earthing as well as copper plate earthing and deep pipe have been installed in reactors and receivers, drums filling is also done with proper earthing.
  • Vacuum braking is done with nitrogen gas.
  • Rupture discs have been installed on reactors and columns, designed in respect of volumetric capacity of vessels and outlet has been given to water tank to release the pressure.
  • Flame arresters have been installed on reactors.
  • Flame arresters cum breather valves have been installed on storage tanks.
  • Plant is connected with proper earthing throughout the structure & reactors
  • Plant is connected with earthing jumpers.
  • Continuous display earthing system has also been made available.

We have sufficient no. of fire extinguishers of all types:

  • ABC Powder type fire extinguishers 10 kg to 25 kg units.
  • Mechanical form 9ltrs & 50ltr. units.
  • Co2 type fire extinguishers 10 kg units.
  • Foam Tank of 2000 ltr capacity along with foam sprinklers in the plant & storage area.
  • We have a Ashok leyland 125 kVA silent diesel generator set for non interrupted power supply specially for Fire Hydrant System and Cumins Make 250 KVA diesel generator set for additional power supply support in case of power supply failure.
  • Fire Hydrant System is equipped with 2 electric motors of 30 H.P and 2 lakh liters of water storage tank in support of fire hydrant system equipped with water monitors & foam monitors in the plant processing and storage area.

Periodical training is provided for the use of fore extinguisher and to act quickly in any emergency situation to all our employees.

In case of misshape the fire brigade is located at 1 km distance for quick response. M.s.d.s (material safety data sheet) of all products in the premises is available with the laboratory dept. and security cabin.

Enviromental Safety

Considering our self responsibility towards environmental harmony we make our best effort to protect it. We have taken following steps:

We have valid Consolidated Consent & Authorization (CCA) and Authorization under Rule-9 from G.P.C.B. to carry out distillation activities.

  • We are a member of C.E.T.P (Common Effluents Treatment plant) Ahmedabad, Saurashtra Enviro Projects Pvt Ltd. Bhachau, Society for Clean and Green Environment Ahmedabad and Nandesari Enviro Control Ltd..,Nandesari.
  • Low TDS Effluent is treated in our E.T.P plant if required and neutralised effluents is then sent to C.E.T.P. and High TDS Effluent is being sent to Society for Clean and Green Environment Ahmedabad for incineration.
  • Distillation residue is being sent Saurashtra Enviro Projects Pvt Ltd. Bhachau or Nandesari Enviro control ltd. Nandesari for incineration.
  • Transportation of hazardous wastes is done through GPCB authorized transporter only.
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