Plant Details
With its plant located at Narol, Ahmedabad, Roopdhara Industries is a preferred name for all solvent distillation requirements.

R & D Department
We believe in best practices and conducting rigorous R&D. We have established strong quality norms for all our products.

Product List
Our products are synonymous with quality. Our reputation is based on our uncompromising attitude when it comes to delivering only the best.

We never compromise on safety. Our safety standards are at par with all national as well as international requirements in our industry vertical.


In order to fulfill all distillation requirements we have installed following facility.

Reactor Reactor capacity Stirrer Packed column Height
column Height
Condenser Size Vent Condenser Size Product cooler M.O.C
R1 8.0 KL Double Limpet Anchor with Double Mechanical seal 15.0 Mtr. With Sulzer Structured packings 600 mm 37 Mtr. Sq. 4 pass 3 Mtr Sq. 4 pass 10 Mtr Sq. SS 316
R2 13.4 KL Jacketed Anchor with Double Mechanical seal 13.0 Mtr. With Sulzer Structured packings 600 mm 37 Mtr Sq. 4 pass 3 Mtr Sq. 4 pass 10 Mtr Sq. SS 316
R3 Double Column 7.2 KL Double Limpet Anchor with Double Mechanical seal Column-1 14.0 Mtr. With Sulzer Structured packings. Column-2 6.0 Mtr. Column-1 550 mm Column-2 350 mm Conden-1 30 Mtr. Sq. 4 pass Conden-2 50 Mtr. Sq V.Conden-1 8 Mtr.Sq. V.Conden-2 8 Mtr. Sq. Cooler-1 6 Mtr Sq. Cooler-2 6 Mtr. Sq. SS 316
R4 Double Column 4.2 KL Jacketed Anchor with double mechanical seal Column-1 15.5 Mtr with wire mesh Structured Packings Column-2 7.0 Mtr. With Sulzer Structured packings Column-1 450 mm Column-2 378 mm Conden-1 20 Mtr. Sq. 4 Pass Conden-2 15 Mtr. Sq. 4 Pass V.Conden-1 8 Mtr. Sq. V Conden-2 6 Mtr. Sq 6 Mtr Sq. SS 316
R5 10.6 KL Jacketed Anchor with Single Mechanical seal Treatment Vessel With Jacket - - - - SS 316
C-1 Continuous Column 2.5 KL Limpet Reboiler 15.0 Mtr With Sulzer Structured packings. 600 mm 37 Mtr. Sq. 4 pass 3 Mtr Sq. 4 pass 10 Mtr Sq SS 316
C-2 Continuous Column 2.5 KL Limpet Reboiler 15.0 Mtr With Sulzer Structured packings. 600 mm 37 Mtr. Sq. 4 pass 3 Mtr Sq. 4 pass 10 Mtr Sq SS 316
C-3 Continuous Column - Reboiler 17.0 Mtr With Sulzer Structured packings. 450 mm 20 Mtr. Sq. 4 pass 4 pass 8 Mtr Sq. 10 Mtr Sq SS 316

High vacuum distillation is one of our speciality, our all 7 units are vacuum enabled in R1 & R3 we are getting vacuum up to 2 mm, we are equipped with 2 watering vacuum pumps, one water ejector & four stage steam ejector


For sufficient heating we are having one 15 lakh kilo calorie boiler for temperature up to 280*c and one 1.5 M.T steam IBR boiler, which enables us to get temperature up 180 *c. In both our boilers we use environment friendly fuel i.e. Piped Natural Gas & C.B.F.S.

We are having a 600 TR cooling tower and which provide Delta T of 4*c. Size of condensers are designed to provide maximum cooling, this gives a very nice cooling effect and causes least evaporation loss.

Precisely designed columns with sufficient diameter and height combined with Sulzer packing & Wire mesh packing which provides High number of theoretical plates and least pressure drop, giving us high degree of fractionation.

Azeotropic distillation:
Our plants are specially designed to facilitate azeotropic distillation; we have done products such as:

  • I.P.A + Water
  • Acetonitrile + Toluene
  • Acetonitrile + Ethyle Acetate
  • N.Butanole + Xyline
  • I.P.A + Toluene
  • I.P.A + Cyclo Hexane
  • etc…

and constant research is made to find out temperature and % of azeotrope for other product combinations.

We have got enough storage facility to store up to 500 KL in tanks sufficient space for storing drums in our premises.

In-house weigh bridge:
We have installed our in-house weigh bridge of 100 m.t. capacity so as to avoid unnecessary time wastage & accuracy in material handling.

Technical team:
For technical support we have enough staff who are having experience of fractional distillation of 15 Years, this provides us with great technical support.

Other features:

  • We have a Ashok Leyland 125 kVA silent diesel generator set for un-interrupted power supply specially for Fire Hydrant System and Cumins Make 250 KVA diesel generator set for additional power supply support in case of power supply failure.
  • Very nice infrastructural facilities as our plant is located in the vicinity of national highway No.8.
  • For transportation of hazardous waste we have contract with transporter who is an authorized transporter by G.P.C.B.
  • License from Prohibition & Excise MA-I available and renewed periodically.
  • License for Petroleum Class-A , Class-B and Class-C are available and renewed periodically.
  • Consolidated Consent & Authorization (CCA) from G.P.C.B. available and renewed periodically.
  • Authorization under Rule-9 has been received from Gujarat Pollution Control Board for receipt, storage & processing of spent solvents.
  • Registration of Central GST & State GST are available.
  • Solvent license has been obtained from Civil Supply Department of Gijarat Government.
  • Factory is registered under factory Act, Employee State Insurance Act and Provident fund Act.

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